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Browse our product suite to discover solutions to business challenges such as customer experience improvement, cost reduction, agent motivation and much more.

Improve Customer Experience
inSurveyTM helps businesses who want to learn what their customers think, using a truly unique approach that eliminates cherry-picking, engages agents and ascertains the truth.
Reducing OPEX
Transform helps businesses who want to manage inbound calls by lowering agent handling time, reducing queue times and increasing customer satisfaction.
VoiceGuardTM helps businesses who want to verify callers' identities by automating the process, reducing manual verification, enhancing security and improving the caller experience.
SmartscribeTM helps businesses transcribe their calls by automating the process and enabling customisable key phrase searches using its built-in reporting suite.
Reducing OPEX
Insight helps businesses who want to understand their customers' experience by bringing data together from any source and displaying it in a clear and incisive way.
Improve Customer Experience
PayGuardTM helps businesses take card payments securely over the phone, removing agents from the process and protecting customers' personal information.


Our award-winning technology solves a wide range of complex challenges. Here are just a few of the solutions that we offer to businesses and contact centres:

With products that aid you through the treacherous waters of PCI compliance, Performance Telecom allows you to record calls, take payments and transcribe verbatim without any regulatory concerns.
Reducing OPEX
By automating the journey that you take with your customers, not only are you vastly improving the experience they have with your company but you are also improving security, reducing agent handling times and keeping your costs low.
Improve Customer Experience
Find out the truth of the customer journey with our selection of apps which provide verifiable and actionable insights into the way that your contact centre operates.

Clients' Testimonials

The best way to be assured is to hear what other say about us

The Performance Telecom automated solution represents our first dive into this area of new technology and we've been extremely pleased with the close support, ingenuity and attention to detail from PT in creating and rolling out this imaginative solution.

Peter Fidler, Logistic Manager, Plantiflor Limited

After working with BT for many years, we ported our numbers to Performance Telecom in 2003. The difference in customer service and solution delivery has been remarkable. They've worked with us to help develop our inbound call handling and a 'real time' disaster recovery solution.

Russel Metcalfe, Thompson Reuters

We have worked with Performance Telecom for over 5 years and in that time we have worked through many changes in the telecoms environment. PT have completed this without issue and with clear timescales. The results meant that the use of our NGN services has been something I need not worry about.

Martin Camp, IT Global Infrastructure, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises

The Paragon Group of Companies and Performance Telecom have been working together since 2007 for the supply of inbound telephony and DR services for several operational departments within our organisation. Through this we have forged a successful partnership.

Phil Botham, Director of Strategic Development, The Paragon Group of Companies

Having worked with Performance Telecom for over three years now, I can sincerely say that it has been a pleasure. The level of professionalism and service, coupled with the fantastic advice and efficient support that we have received, has been invaluable to our company.

Daithi O'Donnell, Customer Service, Sales and Operations Manager, Thane Direct

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