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SmartScribe® helps businesses transcribe their calls by automating the process and enabling customisable key phrase searches using its built-in reporting suite.


By linking the analysed call transcription, the IVR experience and the caller's feedback, SmartScribe® brings the following benefits to your business:

Improving Customer Experience

For the first time, you can see the full details of every interaction your business has with your customers and use these to learn how to improve the customer experience.

Reducing Cost

Far cheaper than manual transcription, SmartScribe® also drives down your costs by lowering agent handling time and reducing the time taken to analyse calls.

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Maintaining Compliance

Now you can understand what's happening in EVERY call. Check that your agents are compliant with internal and external regulations in just a few quick clicks.

How SmartScribe® helps

Running A Contact Centre

The accurate, automated transcription provided by SmartScribe® means that costs associated with AHT, FCR and reporting are drastically reduced. Running SmartScribe® within your contact centre also alleviates the need for manual call monitoring, freeing up more agents.

Managing Customer Experience

The ability to see EVERY interaction between agent and customer enables you to completely understand your customer journey, making it easy to drill down into the unique issues at your contact centre.

Monitoring Communications

Using key-phrase searches within your transcribed verbatim, you can quickly and easily gain an insight into agent-customer interactions within your business. This leads to better decision making and improved agent support.


By proving actionable intelligence, on tap, SmartScribe® helps solve the following challenges alongside many more:

Reducing Data Volumes

As a purpose-built intelligence application that quickly processes large volumes of transcribed calls, SmartScribe makes big data a very small problem!

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Ensuring Compliance

SmartScribe® is designed with call compliance in mind, whether internal or external. Set up a search for the necessary key-phrase, and get instant compliance stats.

Keeping Costs Low

Having SmartScribe analyse your customer interactions means that you don't have to employ someone to do so, freeing resources to take calls and reducing your agent handling times.


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Clients' Testimonials

The best way to be assured is to hear what other say about us

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The Fusion Telecom automated solution represents our first dive into this area of new technology and we've been extremely pleased with the close support, ingenuity and attention to detail from them in creating and rolling out this imaginative solution.

Peter Fidler, Logistic Manager, Plantiflor Limited
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After working with BT for many years, we ported our numbers to Fusion Telecom in 2003. The difference in customer service and solution delivery has been remarkable. They've worked with us to help develop our inbound call handling and a 'real time' disaster recovery solution.

Russell Metcalfe, Thomson Reuters
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We have worked with Fusion Telecom for over 5 years and in that time we have worked through many changes in the telecoms environment. They have completed this without issue and with clear timescales. The results meant that the use of our NGN services has been something I need not worry about.

Martin Camp, IT Global Infrastructure, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises
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The Paragon Group of Companies and Fusion Telecom have been working together since 2007 for the supply of inbound telephony and DR services for several operational departments within our organisation. Through this we have forged a successful partnership.

Phil Botham, Director of Strategic Development, The Paragon Group of Companies
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Having worked with Fusion Telecom for over three years now, I can sincerely say that it has been a pleasure. The level of professionalism and service, coupled with the fantastic advice and efficient support that we have received, has been invaluable to our company.

Daithi O'Donnell, Customer Service, Sales and Operations Manager, Thane Direct
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I just wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing team at Fusion Telecom for your support, creative thinking and flexible approach to solve our complete telephony PCI compliance. ...We are now using the PayGuard solution across the business and it has been very well received.

Dan Banham, Head of Information and Communication Technology, National Pharmacy Association

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